The Beliefs Challenge

“It is only by being supremely blissful that you can give others your absolute best.”
~ Jana Joy ~
I encourage you to look at some of your beliefs and ask yourself the following questions:
Does this belief empower me?
Does it benefit me in any way?
Does it make me happy?
If the answer to any of these questions is, “NO,” you may want to consider letting this belief go and open your mind to a new & improved belief that actually benefits you.
Comment below with a belief you have previously challenged and let go of, or one that you currently hold that creates negativity and restrictions in your life. I’ll start…
There was a time, long ago, that I held the belief that others’ opinions of me defined me. I believed, wholeheartedly, that I was an amalgamation of the ideas that others had formed about me.
Once I challenged this belief and learned the truth about who I really was underneath all the dogma and wrong ideas, I was freed from the prison of shame and self-doubt. I was liberated!! I had discovered that I was pure perfection…that we are ALL pure perfection.
The result of this exercise is that I became highly motivated to challenge all my beliefs, which has led to a life of constant, free-flowing inspiration, growth, empowerment and abundance.
There have been many obstacles along the way…painful emotions, a lot of fear and the pressure of society to try and make me conform to negative beliefs, but I persevered and eventually overcame them all.
I promise you, it was absolutely worth it!
Blessings, Jana

3 thoughts on “The Beliefs Challenge

  1. Nice one Jana. And so true! The only person who can truly ever know you is you. But it is so easy to base your opinions of who you are on another persons idea of who you are. Great post and gives me lots to ponder in my day today xx

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  2. Mine was (and still is to a much lesser extent now), the enough stuff. Not good enough, worthy enough, intelligent enough, nice enough, and the list goes on. Then there’s the ‘not enough money, time, clothes etc’ stuff. I couldn’t get rid of any of these on my own; I had to give them to a power much greater than me and thus they disappeared, one by one. As you say, Jana, that involves a lot of pain and huge amounts of courage,
    but so far it’s worth it. xx

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