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He recognised her.

As she sat there, unaware, he recognised her.

He felt he could spend his whole life with her,

even before he met her eyes.

They’d never encountered each other before, not in this life.

Yet, somehow he knew.

She turned and looked at him.

Saw him for the first time and recognised him too.

There was so much beauty in that moment, in the knowing.

But she was broken,

a wounded child.

Hiding behind bravado,

playing the part of a whole woman.

He wasn’t fooled,

he was touched.

Touched by her vulnerability,

well concealed, but there.

He was happy to play the hero,

a role well practised.

She was content to stay broken,

it was so familiar.

Like a well-loved teddy bear,

she held her broken close to her heart.

With enduring patience,

he nurtured her,

loved her,

fed her spirit.

She was a force,

fighting him every step of the way.

Clinging so tightly,

yet pushing him away.

Unable to trust, to open,

to let him in.

Her mask was off

and she punished him for seeing her.

His heart was expansive,

enough to hold them both.

He held on, resolute 

and with absolute clarity.

She became whole again…

Unbroken, healed.

She spread her wings and soared so high,

he lost sight of her.

He wondered if she’d return.

But she did come back.

Taking his hand, she led him away with her.

They flew through the heavens,

taking a serpentine route through hell.

They created a life together,

abundant, dynamic….whole.

Theirs was a transcendent love,

limited only by fear… a foe to vanquish,

a devious liar to be silenced.

The age of harmony has begun.

Nestled together, the lovers’ hearts aligned.

Infused with light…bliss…faith.

The searching is over.

They had found each other… again.

And the love story continues.




“Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable, but they’re never weakness.”  ~Brene Brown~

Vulnerability, to me, means telling the truth, even when it gets me in trouble or causes me embarrassment.  It’s saying, “I’m sorry” and asking for forgiveness. It’s saying, “I don’t know” and, “I love you.”  It’s sharing my fears and secret shame with those I love and trust.  It’s admitting I was wrong and that you were right. It’s allowing myself to be really seen, flaws and all.  It’s following my dreams, despite the fear of failure.  It is writing this blog and sharing it with the world. 

Vulnerability feels like having a wide open heart; loving someone so much that they have the power to hurt me deeply, and loving them anyway.  It’s allowing others to care for me when I’m sick or grieving.  It’s sharing the truth when you ask me how I am feeling.

Being dependent is not vulnerability.  Dependency makes me feel weak.  I’m learning that there is a vast difference to being dependent and depending on others.  It takes vulnerability to depend on someone, knowing that they could let me down.  And if they do let me down, it’s knowing that I’ll be just fine, despite feeling hurt.  I think that’s the main difference.  Dependency creates the illusion that I have no power to create the life I want; that if you leave me or disappoint me, my life will come crashing down around me, causing irreparable damage.

Feeling pain is a sign of vulnerability.  Rather than run from it, I allow it to flow freely through me, rejoicing in the knowledge that my heart is open.  A closed heart doesn’t feel pain…it feels angry or numb, both defense mechanisms.  When my heart is really open, my spirit is aligned with Source energy.  This feels so amazing, it’s worth embracing and walking through the pain.

I would love to know what vulnerability means to you.  Please share your answers in the comments section below.