To experience being truly connected to my source energy and, therefore, all of creation, brings me peace. It is only when I’m not tapped into that flow that I experience anxiety, depression and loneliness. When I allow the flow, I find it impossible to feel anything other than supreme joy.

So why would I ever choose to return to a state of blocked energy, feeling cut off and alone? The answer is simple….habit. There’s an odd sense of security and comfort in the familiar, even when it’s toxic. There’s an illusion of control when I’m doing the habitual thing.

Another reason is that we often cling to those fleeting moments of joy for fear they’ll disappear. When we don’t recognise these moments as our natural state, instead seeing them as rare and precious, we become fearful of losing them. It’s like holding water in your hand. When you clench your fist to grasp the water, it slips away. We greedily cling in an attempt to hoard the good feeling, and in our desperation, we lose it.

The trick is to just allow it to unfold and accept it as our natural state of being. In this allowing we experience more moments of peace until this becomes the new habitual practice.

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