“Only two things are infinite, the Universe and human stupidity…and I’m not so sure about the Universe.”  ~ Albert Einstein ~

It is only when I accept that I DON’T KNOW everything that I become humble enough to learn new ideas.

I practice saying, “I don’t know” as a means of remaining humble and teachable.  It is a lot harder than it seems.  The real challenge is saying it when you truly believe you do know something.  Say it anyway and watch your ego gristle.  It is helpful to observe the conflict that arises when the ego rears its ugly head and protests that you DO KNOW!

Being liberated from “Know-it-all-itis” is a great place to be if your intention is to learn more about any subject, yourself especially.

Practice saying, “I don’t know” as often as you can today.  Then sit back and watch your ego come to life. 


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