A Love Story…. from the other side.


Today, my husband, Jeff, and I celebrate 16 years of marriage.  It amazes me how fast it’s gone by, and yet seems like a lifetime together….many lifetimes, in fact.  It’s been a roller coaster of ups, downs, twists and turns.  We’ve had our fights, been total strangers to each other at times, we’ve mentally packed our bags and survived an epic move halfway across the world from California to New Zealand, and even major house renovations.  We’ve also shared unbelievable joys, like the births of our two beautiful children, our triumphs over fears and obstacles, our personal successes and our mutual quest for knowledge and spiritual growth.  I look forward to growing old with Jeff and the many joyous moments yet to come.

So now, with Jeff’s permission, I’d like to share with you our love story, from his perspective, along with a re-publishing of my love poem to him.

“To my loving wife,

I will always love you.  From the beginning of time, I have loved you.  Until the end of time, I will love you.

In this human life, I will always cherish you.  I vow to treat you with love, generosity, compassion, consideration and loyalty.  I vow to be courteous, faithful, kind and respectful.  I vow to respect your wisdom, your wishes and your words.  I vow to support you and our family to the best of my ability.  I will honour these vows in this life until death becomes me.

Because I am human, my fallible mind savours the delicious moments of passion and warmth in our earthly union, whether they be real or delusional. Because I am human, my fallible mind will suffer greatly from the loss of our union, whether the loss be real or delusional.  I will endeavour to refrain from such delusional thoughts in times of weakness.

Thank you for your your compassion and understanding.  I am so proud of you.

Love always,

Your loving husband”

heart copy

A Love Poem….for my husband,

He recognised her.

As she sat there, unaware, he recognised her.

He felt he could spend his whole life with her,

even before he met her eyes.

They’d never encountered each other, not in this life.

Yet, somehow he knew.

She turned and looked at him.

Saw him for the first time and recognised him too.

There was so much beauty in that moment, in the knowing.

But she was broken,

a wounded child.

Hiding behind bravado,

playing the part of a whole woman.

He wasn’t fooled,

he was touched.

Touched by her vulnerability,

well concealed, but there.

He was happy to play the hero,

a role well practised.

She was content to stay broken,

it was so familiar.

Like a well-loved teddy bear,

she held her broken close to her heart.

With enduring patience,

he nurtured her,

loved her,

fed her spirit.

She was a force,

fighting him every step of the way.

Clinging so tightly,

yet pushing him away.

Unable to trust, to open,

to let him in.

Her mask was off

and she punished him for seeing her.

His heart was expansive,

enough to hold them both.

He held on, resolute

and with absolute clarity.

She was whole again…

Unbroken, healed.

She spread her wings and soared so high,

he lost sight of her.

He wondered if she’d return.

But she did come back.

Taking his hand, she led him away with her.

They flew through the heavens,

taking a serpentine route through hell.

They created a life together,

abundant, dynamic….whole.

Theirs was a transcendent love,

limited only by fear… a foe to vanquish,

a devious liar to be silenced.

The age of harmony has begun.

Nestled together, the lovers’ hearts aligned.

Infused with light…bliss…faith.

The searching is over.

They had found each other… again.

And the love story continues.


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